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Novelty Programs exclusively offered by Dixie Trend Programs:

Video Button

Instant Video Buttons

Strike a pose (alone or with your friends) in front of our video camera and in an instant each person in the picture gets a 2.5 inch video button to wear. Schools can select one caption to advertise an event or allow the students to choose their own creative saying. Tons of fun and smiles!

Old Tyme Photo

Old Tyme Photos

Have fun dressing up (over street clothes) in one of our costumes from the "tymes." Dress as saloon girls, old west, outlaws, banditos, Indians, Victorian, southern belle, civil war soldiers, old tyme wedding and more. There are tons of hats, props and accessories to accent your look. Each person receives a authentic brown tone photograph in a mount of his or her choice. What fun it is to dress up & take home such a unique Old Tyme Photo!

Goofy I.D.'s

Our authentic ID camera takes full color photos which are mounted and laminated on the ID of your choice. Over 60 different humorous ID cards to choose from, such as Campus Cutie Pie, World's Greatest Kisser, Brown Sugar, Italian Stallion, Designated Driver and many more. This fun program gets a laugh out of students every time!

Candle Art

Magic Candle Art

Design a beautiful candle to take home. We provide a variety of glass votives and an array of wax colors to choose from. Wax is sealed once the candle is complete. An excellent way for students to express their unique creativity!

Sand Art

Sand Art Creations

Create your own sand art masterpiece. We provide a selection of containers, stickers to decorate them and a rainbow of sand colors for your custom artwork! Our friendly operators guide and assist you with creative tips. A super "hands-on" program that students love!

Keychain Keepers

Keychain Keepers

Individuals or groups pose for their full color photo keychains and everyone in the picture gets one. The back of the keychain is customized with your school or event logo. A great way to commemorate or advertise your events! Very popular and fun for all ages!

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

With this one-of-a-kind program create a Message in a Bottle to send to someone special. We provide a ton of fun novelties to put inside the bottle and a friendly operator to assist. Bottle themes include Have a Happy Day, Congratulations, Love, Holidays, Tropical & more. A cute way to show your creativity and let someone know you are thinking of them!

Photo Bookmarker

Photo Bookmarkers

Use your face to mark your place! We take a picture of you alone or with your friends and mount it on a bookmark that has been customized to your specifications: logo, text, calendar of events… whatever! It only takes minutes, but this keepsake will be cherished for years to come!

Picture Postcard

Picture Postcards

Students have a ball rummaging through our trunk full of props to find just the right ones to dress up in before posing for their very own Picture Postcard. In minutes everyone in the picture receives a high quality color postcard to send to someone special. If your event has a special theme, we can personalize the props accordingly, or just bring them all!

Bag Tags

Bag Tags

With this unique program, students personalize and decorate a double-sided tag to identify their backpack, sports bag or suitcase. One side displays personal information while the other side features a theme such as "Life's a Beach", "Peace, Love & Happiness", "It's All About Me", or a custom design, specifically created for your event. These bag tags are a hit with all students!

Photo Badges

Give your students a special distinction with this exclusive program! Promote your students to an elite status with the VIP badge, or deem them "survivors" with a customized badge such as "I survived Spring Fling." You choose the theme, we take the photos and prepare each one for immediate wear. Students love to show off their photo badges!

Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers

Photos of your students are transformed into a sheet of mini-stickers with this amazing program! The postage-stamp sized stickers (sheet of 8 for each student) are quite versatile, having been used to decorate cell phones, mp3 players, notebooks, letters and more. Some students even trade with their friends, bringing them closer together. Who knew such a small novelty could be such big fun!

Marvelous Magnets

You'll look marvelous featured on one of our full-color photo magnets! The 3.5 x 5 inch magnets are printed in just minutes. Each magnet has a caption selected by the school. Advertise your events or organization with this new program!

Spin Art

Spin Art

Create a Frisbee work of art with this colorful program! Students choose from a wide variety of both Frisbee and paint colors and then, with the assistance of our operator, they drop paint onto their spinning Frisbee and watch the design come to life. The paint takes only a few minutes to dry and the Frisbees are ready for use or display. Spin Art is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor event!


A full-page reading of your astrological sign as prepared by an authentic career astrologer, personalized with your name and birth date. Learn about your zodiac characteristics, which signs you are compatible with, dollars & sense, a mediscope and more!

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops

Create Your Own Hula Hoops - What a great, interactive and creative program for your students! Hula-hooping is a fun way to get the exercise that students need but often don't want to 'deal with'. Creating their own custom hula-hoop is a fantastic way to 'quietly' promote activity - while also promoting individual creativity. We provide the hoop tubing, the connectors, and so many possibilities for decorating and customizing.

Flip Flops

Decorate Your Own Flip Flops - Let's show our style! What a fun way to show your unique style and taste. We'll bring the flip flops, bling, beads, twine, ribbon glitter and goodies. Your student gets to design and style their own flip flops - and they can walk away with their creation. A unique, creative program for everyone!

Beach Bash

Beach Bash

Splish Splash - We're Havin' a Beach Bash - How about a 'Midwinter Meltdown' or a 'Luau'? This island duo will provide you with the music you are looking for! Island Time Band is made up of two sets of steel drums, guitar, Conchalele™, percussion and sparkling vocals! The band is SO MUCH MORE than a steel drum band - they will keep the party going with beach music and island tunes! From Jimmy Buffett to Bob Marley and Zac Brown, the Island Time Band grooves on all the best island hits!

Picture Frame

Decorate YOUR Picture (Frame) - We'll provide the picture frame and take the student's picture - and the student can decorate the frame from the huge assortment of goodies and bling that we will provide. This is a great way for the student to make a gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or just for fun - and show off their creativity at the same time!


Patriotic Event

Patriotic Event - What can you do for a special day that is educational AND fun? The students get their picture taken with the President of their choice! President's Day, Constitution Day, or even Independence Day! We have life-size cutouts of many of the US Presidents. While the students choose their President of choice, they can browse the displays which have bios of each President and other related items (a copy of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, etc.). The students walk away with their picture in a patriotic folder with a miniature bio of the President they chose.